Simple Ray problem

Hi all, im attempting to do some simple ray casting to pick objects on screen but for some reason my ray is faing to create it thing it may have something to do thith the vector3f’s i enter. I create a vector2f from the cursor cordiantes, i then create two vector3fs from this to cast a ray directly forward from a point clicked, how ever my two vectors are completly different, i would expect them to be the same bar the Z depth.

These are the lines i create the two vectors with

Vector3f click3d = cam.getWorldCoordinates(new Vector2f(click2d.getX(),click2d.getY()),0.0f);
Vector3f dir = cam.getWorldCoordinates (new Vector2f(click2d.getX(),click2d.getY()),1.0f);

I would normally subtractlocal to give me i direction but as it was not working i simply created the vectors and then printed out the details below

Click3d X= -0.09941125 Y=-0.05384776 Z=9.0
Dir X= -99.409584 Y=-53.846855 Z=-989.98303

Can any one explaine why they are so wildly diferent by 100?