Simple renderstate question

I need to set the renderstate of an object to

GL_BlendEnable| TRUE

GL_BlendEquation| ADD


GL_BlendDestRGB | ONE

I do not want to use the alphastate, is there something specifically for setting the blending state of an object in JME?

Or, to better phrase it, I do not want Alpha enabled, & also the AlphaState does not have an option for the GL_BlendEquation.

AlphaState is how you set blend options (poor naming?)  I'm not sure what you are trying to do that would not involve this state.

Err, how would I set these options which in openGL are

GL_BlendEnable | TRUE

GL_BlendEquation | ADD


GL_BlendDestRGB | ONE

with Alpha Blending off using AlphaState.

Alpha state will set all of those params except for the equation.  The default of blend equation is add though, so you should be set using alphastate.