Simple Water Artifact

with latest revision water(simple Water) has been producing weird result.

Water plane has been darkened and artifacts are showing up.

Actually, the artifacts are showing what the water was before.

and what it was before.

it a lot vivid.

Here is another example of the problem. Hope this time things are a little clearer.

@nehon Both nvidia and ati are resulting in this artifacts.


Yeah i’m on it.

this is a depth write issue too…

I didn’t find the solution yet.

It appear when you have several lights in your scene.

I found a work around, (that also fix the black artifacts when explosion pops up btw), but it’s not really great, i need to discuss this with Kirill.

Update and it should work properly now.

The simpleWater artifacts goes away if i use only one light source. But, the particle explosion artifact remains.

I will inform after i get the update. :stuck_out_tongue: Wating or this bug fix for soooo long

removing a light is not really a solution :stuck_out_tongue:

update, it will work, I tested it on your game and it’s fine.

so, the repo setup is ok? 8)

Yes it is :wink: