Hello everyone,

i want to create a jme-applet to put it on my website.

i googled a lot the last days, but i just cant’t find

the classes/jars that i need to have an applet-support.

i’ve downloaded the newest builds and added all jars but

something is missing…

(cant find that is mentioned in tutorials)

can someone give me a link to the right package and

how i use it?

Look in jme3test.awt and you’ll find

Jmp also has built in support to export the right jars to get your applet up and running (Look in “Properties” of your project)

Just use this sites search functions instead of google, or better even, press F1 and use that search, it contains all info of the wiki and is actually meant as documentation for jME3.

ty, im new here…

ok rickard, theres the, but wheres the class

it extends from (SimpleJMEApplet i thought)?

when i extend TestApplet and start it that appens:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no lwjgl in java.library.path

i use eclipse and the lwjgl.jar is in the library path…

It doesn’t work like applets did in jme2.

In jme3, it’s run as a standard application, inside the regular applet.

You don’t extend TestApplet, copy it and use it as a base, instead, for your own application.

For the lwjgl libraries, when you run it through the ide, you need these VM options:


Open jMonkeyPlatform, press F1, then go to jMonkeyPlatform → Application Deployment


i used the code in the with the lwjgl natives

and all librarys in the jmonkey-lib

but when i start the applet theres an exception about a “lwjgl renderer” (cant be specific now)


i have jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-3,

but in the help there is no point “JMonkeyPlatform → Deployment”…

Press F1!!

i pressed F1, helps comes up, but no JMonkeyPlatform->Deployment…

Check the sub category “Working with Code” under “jMonkeyPlatform”. Or use the search function of the help, it will not jump out of the screen and grab your attention…

seems like something is missing in my platform then,

“Working with Hibernate”,

“Working with Spring”,

“Working with Ant”,

“Working with Maven”,

“Working with OSGI”,

“Working with Groovy”,

“Working with Javadoc”,

“Working with JUnit”

but no “JMonkeyPlatform”, no “Working with Code”,

omfg, thats annoying…