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I need one more thing from this community. While developing my application in Eclipse I have had an error in the console when compiling that the class can not be found. The app would run with this and so I have ignored until now. The app is to be deployed as a web start application and I have self-signed it and deployed it to the server. When running the jar file I get the same error except that the app fails to run. I am assuming that I need to compile the jme classes into my jar file. How do I do this?

Fix your project first, before doing anything else.

you could use the build.xml with ant and then use the resulting jars in the dist folder.

The SDK also allows deploying to webstart btw. Your question is probably better posed in the Eclipse forums.

Yes and I looked at that to get an understanding of how to do this. I also see that there is an option to import an Eclipse project! I will try this when I get home as I like the way that all the assets and libs required are put in separate jars which I assume only need to be downloaded once. A question I have now is that my application is configured as an appclient so as well as the jm3 libs it also needs to package up the libs for connecting back to gf. If I import into the sdk will it handle these libs (on the build path) well?

However I could also do this from Eclipse as the export option allows me to package separate jars with my app. I currently have included everything in one app and that has increased the size from 1.4mb to 150mb mostly due to the GF libs and not the JM3 libs.

One other thing I am using a sky material from test data and have currently had to include that. Is it ok to extract that to my asset structure so that I can remove the test data lib from my build path?

Well sure, its fine to do whatever works for you. And not including all test assets if you only need one makes sense.

Thanks I was actually more worried about license problems more than anything. I wasnā€™t sure if assets provided had to be used as is.

Ah, dont worry, jme is bsd, and the testdata as well.

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