SimpleCanvasImpl w/ Swing freezes if window moved or resized [FIXED]

i recently started developing on a new PC and noticed a strange behavior.  i was successfully using SimpleCanvasImpl to embed a JME canvas in a Swing JFrame.  however, on this new PC, this is what happens:

it starts fine – the window has focus and rendering occurrs normally.  but if i a) move, b) resize, or c) lose the window focus of the containing JFrame, the engine suddenly "freezes":  if the window has been 'touched' in these ways, it does not update, and does not render … until the window is moved again, but only while it is being moved… and then freezes again when it rests.  i am not sure whether this is a JME or LWJGL issue.

the PC specs are:

  • Ubuntu Linux

  • GeForce 8600GT 512MB 2DVI

  • Java 1.6

  • latest JME snapshot, latest LWJGL 1.1.4 (same behavior with LWGL 1.0 either)

i am not yet sure whether this happens with the JME "native window", but i'll reply when i find out.  i can provide more details upon request, including code fragments

i made sure to call all scenegraph modifications from the JME update thread, and everything's fine!