SimpleGame default behaviors

I’m curious if there is somewhere listing the various things setup by SimpleGame, things like key bindings and stuff. By default the A key strafes left, and the S key moves backwards… where exactly is this being set, I couldn’t find it in the cvs source where A S D W are being set to do the various movements, I’m actually out to shut off the default movement keys and eventually some of the other keys (though I see most of them in SimpleGame).

Also seems like the KeyBindingManager should have some kind of command that returns a list of the current bindings. My stupid sense is tingling, I’m sure I’m overlooking something in the docs, or something that’s plain obvious :frowning:

You should take a look at com.jme.input and everything in there (I’ve actually just recently finished doing that). The commands are being set in Start with, and just follow the paper trail of how the input is setup. FirstPersonHandler can also be done this way (as a note if you want to make your own version).

If you are going to shut things off, you might consider doing 2 things:

  1. Take SimpleGame and make your own class, removing the keybindings setup in there for showing bounds, light toggling, etc. as needed.

  2. Write your own Handler (as suggested above) and in the class you made in #1, have input be an instance of that Handler. This will take care of movement. If you like the FPhandler but just don’t like the bindings, you could even extend FPHandler and simply override the method setting the keys.

Figures about the only class I didn’t personally look at would be the one I should have… I’m already using a copy of the simplegame file as my basis… as I had expected all the key bindings to be there.