simpleUpdate while dragging window

I setPauseOnLostFocus(false); to not pause while the window is not active.

But how can i achieve the same while i’m dragging my window by clicking left mouse+drag mouse in title bar?

Its your OS just freezing the image of the window while its moved to increase performance, the game runs normally while you drag the window. On OSX I can see the game running while I move the window, maybe there is a setting that you can set in the OS to display the window content while moving them.

I will check on that, but i already created a variable “counter”

in simpleUpdate i did counter++;

while dragging the window, for a few secs, counter does not increase, beceause when i release the window counter still has same value and then starts increasing.

im running Win7x64

but since you’re telling me you see the game running while dragging, it must be os related.

just an update

1.Press Windows Key + R.

2.In the Run window, type systempropertiesadvanced, and click OK.

3.In Performance section, click Settings.

4.In the box, check Show window contents while dragging, and click OK.

Did this, but doesnt help. My app pauses when dragging.

What is the exact issue? Your tpf value should in any case be correct so any animation etc. should advance as expected and any time-dependend code you have yourself as well if you use the tpf variable correctly. Why exactly do you want the application to not stop during window movement so badly?

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in simpleUpdate i did change “counter++”; into “counter+=tpf;”, now when i release the window after a few secs indeed the value counter has increased over time.

so even while dragging simpleUpdate is beeing executed, but only time-dependend code(tpf)??

i dont really have an issue, just trying to understand why this happens

Windows OS freezes the window while its dragged. That behavior cannot be changed.

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Okey thanks for the answers