SimpleWater Quad cannot be relocated

Hi all,

I have been playing around with SimpleWaterProcessor and noticed that the water quad cannot be translated to a different location after the application starts. It can only be placed in initApp.

To test this, simply modify the file and try to perform a


waterPlane.getLocalTranslation().y = h;


where h is the height of the desired location. If you put this inside the simpleInitApp() method, it works as expected. But if you associate this with a key and put it in the onAction() method, this would have no effect. Is this behavior normal?


Yes you can. The thing is the reflection depends on a plane parameter that you have o change too.

Oh, and never do getLocalTranslation().set() in jME3!!! Use setLocalTranslation()

Nice! Thanks normen once again.

The problem is with me doing a getLocalTranslation.set(). This is carried over code from jME2.

Onto the next :slight_smile: