Simsilica Discord

This is mostly a message for my patrons on Patreon because I don’t trust Patreon to actually send notifications out to members… but it’s also for contributors and fans of my projects that do not donate on Patreon.

I have setup a Simsilica Discord server with a private channel for Patreon patrons. There is also the general discussion channel for anyone that joins.

If you are not a patron but still want to join then send me a PM here. In the interest if limiting my background noise, I don’t really want to post a public invite that anyone might accidentally stumble on… but I’m new to this and probably overly paranoid. I’d like to keep the discord limited to folks who use and contribute to the projects, at least for now. No real restrictions other than enough interest to PM me.

For anyone who didn’t even know I had my own Patreon, it’s here: Paul Speed is creating Free Open Source Video Game Tech | Patreon NOT DIRECTLY AFFILIATED WITH jMonkeyEngine.

For existing patrons who don’t know what I’m talking about and/or want to know how to get the discord access, just hit the Patreon page and view the patron-only post there. It has instructions.

I’m new to this so hopefully I haven’t screwed something up. Thanks for reading.