Simsilica libraries in maven central (Lemur, SimMath, etc.)

I spent all day Sunday learning the latest gradle approaches/conventions and I’m slowing converting all of my projects to 7.4.2 and setting them up to publish to maven central. I’ll post here as I finish converting them.

So far, the following are in maven central as new releases:
(Edit: incidentally, they were also released on github so release notes, downloads, etc. can be found here: Releases · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur · GitHub and here: Releases · Simsilica/SimMath · GitHub)

For Lemur, the wiki has not been updated with the latest javadoc yet.

Next will be zay-es, SimEthereal, and SiO2… in that order. I’ll post back when those are up but I have to sleep first.

Edit: Published Zay-ES to maven central and on github: Releases · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es · GitHub

Edit: Published SimEthereal and SiO2 on github: Releases · Simsilica/SimEthereal · GitHub and Releases · Simsilica/SiO2 · GitHub
…and to maven central, though for some reason they haven’t shown up there yet.
sio2:1.7.0 (interesting coincidence)

Edit: Published JMEC for any who might be embedding the JmecNode in their applications. So that’s up in maven central now and there’s a full release here: Release JMEC Version 1.3.0 · Simsilica/JmeConvert · GitHub including a application zip (though there are no real changes over the last version).


Yay! Wanted to ask but I thought I wait a little :blush: thanks a lot for your work!


I was waiting to get the Mythruna release out… which went out on the 31st.

…now I still have like 30 more projects to convert. Sigh.


Side question: how did learning the Gradle stuff go? I’ve recently been looking at upgrading an (ancient legacy) ant build, and I was rather horrified by the quality of Gradle beginner documentation.

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I was going from gradle 2.14 to gradle 7.4.2 so basically I had to start over from scratch.

…but the documentation seemed really nice and “gradle init” will setup a whole project for you to look at and poke at.

Honestly, I’m liking a lot of the new features and the convention plugin support, etc… you can look at Lemur to see how I set up that build. It’s nice.

Most of my time was spent wrestling with maven publishing and understanding each of those steps.


It’s …very compact. You and I must process information very differently. I couldn’t make heads nor tails out of the documentation. It felt like a combination of “Newbie/script-kiddie” tutorials and “learn our entire DSL before you can make any modifications”


I found the “getting started guides” straight forward and step-by-step:

…pick the path you are trying to achieve and then follow it. I went through a few of them.

Most likely:

If you have multiple modules. Else you can ignore the library parts.

Edit: and the Lemur demos project is self-contained simple application project:


Updated the post with Zay-ES and Zay-ES-Net.


You have to put in the work only once, after that you get the hang of it. Stackoverflow and Gradle page is full of useful howtos and examples. You just need a starting point.

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Just adding on Paul’s attachments, there is a good gradle course offered by google on udacity, they describe gradle basics + gradle internals + gradle/groovy and they also tells you how to navigate gradle DSL :

And this is their github repo :

@pspeed sorry for spamming the topic.


Updated main post to add SimEthereal and SiO2.


Note: there was a glitch in the matrix that prevented the sio2 and sim-ethereal libraries from fully synching. The sonatype folks were able to resolve the issue and now they show up.

All of the above should be retrievable from maven central now. (SiO2 and sim-ethereal won’t show up in searches for another couple hours yet but do show up here: Central Repository: com/simsilica)

Now that I know it wasn’t something wrong that I did, I think JmeConvert is the only one left to upgrade and move.


A big thank you! Lot of work I’m sure. Good job! Allows us to transition to Java 17 and Gradle 7 now.


Updated main post to add jmec to the list of converted libraries.

I think that’s the last of my previously-published-to-jcenter libraries. (No way to easily tell anymore.)


Just adding a note that several of these libraries just got new releases:
SimMath: 1.6.0
Zay-ES: 1.5.0
Zay-ES-Net: 1.5.2
SimEthereal: 1.8.0
SiO2: 1.8.0 (just a coincidence)

All of those are up on Maven Central.

Github releases are here with changelogs:

And in case it matters: