Simsilica Tools incremental updates: SimMath, SiO2, and SimEthereal

Each of these just got minor version bumps:

I might have sat on them a little longer but I wanted to finally take care of the floating version references. As has been pointed out to me, those are fine an app’s build file but bad news in a library’s pom. For example, it was forcing my own projects to depend on a newer JME than the new beta2… which is not what I wanted. (When SiO2 depends on 3.1.+ then my app was going to depend on newer snapshots whether I wanted it to or not.)

Along with that change, each library gets some bug fixes… except SimEthereal which also got some API expansion and behavior changes.

You can see the full changelogs at those links. Upping your dependency to these should be painless and will let you pick whatever JME version you want after 3.1 alpha4.


Woo Woo, thanks for all your hard work pspeed. I’ve found all your libraries to be really useful. :smiley:


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