Simulate Revolution & Rotation of the Earth?

Hello guys. A Spacecraft Docking Simulator(and a crude one :sweat_smile:) is going to release. Before that, I’d make it looks more “real”.
As we know the space station circles around the earth. To make my work easier, since the earth won’t get involved in any game logic(only used for decoration), I decided to make the space station be at (0,0,0) and the earth circles around it.
Space is BIG, so we need to speedup time sometimes.
Here is the question. The Earth circles around the space station and rotates itself. We need to make that happen and easy to speed up & down.
Firstly I use time and cos/sin to directly operate the physics location of the earth, while updating its angular speed. This works fine but if I warp the time, for example, by 10x, the earth will shake asome(float precision problem enlarged by 10x)
Secondly I tried to simulate the circle motion by 2 harmonic motions. It works fine even with high time warp, but it’s hard to keep the center of the motion be at (0,0,0)
Then I tried MotionEvent to make the Revolution, while use physics-> setAngularSpeed to make the Rotation. Then of course, physics Rotations are be override by MotionEvent … :sleepy:
Any idea to simulate it?