Simulating an underwater view


For a school project I’m currently using and expanding the water example from “TestProjectedWater”. Everything is working fine and I even included a wave generator. I placed a camera at boat height on the water which I’m using to navigate the world. However when the Y positon of the camera is set below 20 it’s possible to see the texture of the skybox instead of water(see screenshot)

This picture hasn’t been edited in any way. This is how it looks underneath the water.

My question is thus the following:

How do get the white to disappear and actually display water there? If this is even possible.

Thanks in advance!

does the user have control over the height of the camera? if so, why don't you just forbid the user to drop below 20? would be the easiest case for me…

a) stay above the water with the camera

b) adjust the field ov view of your camera

c) create the seafloor and fog layers below the water