Single key press fires multiple onBinding events?


I ran the sample test programs that came with the jME3 distribution.  They extended SimpleApplication. Every time I pressed C or M keys ONCE, they dumped camera or memory info SEVERAL times in a row.  It surprised me that such behaviors are built into the SimpleApplication. Is there a way to disable the repeated firing of multiple onBinding events from a single key press?

Or may be my question is: how do I catch keyPressed and keyReleased events? I can do a lot using those two event handlers. For example, I can simulate auto-fire every whatever milliseconds (different for different keys) I specify, if necessarily.

The Input system will be changed soon to allow you to know when the binding has "changed". The reason things are this way right now is because some inputs are axis based and some are button based, which allows you to abstract both of them with one interface.

Thank you for your explanation. Hope to see the change soon.