Site bug: Hover-menu disappears when moving mouse to it


When hovering a button on the left on the site, like “Forum” or “Docs”, a little menu appears with subsections. When moving the mouse to the little menu, it (the menu) disappears 90% of the time. The faster I move my mouse the higher the chance of it not disappearing. I have given up using the little menus and now I’m just pressing the button and finding the link to the subsection on the main page for the section.

There seems to be a little gap between the button and the menu that appears, and if the mouse is ever in the gap the menu disappears. But I have a 125Hz monitor and a 1000Hz mouse so I almost always hit the gap, so to speak.

Yes, this is super annoying.

I’m not sure we actually have anyone working on the web site anymore. There are a few other issues that are also not getting fixed so I don’t know when/if this one will ever get fixed.