Site progress update

We recently got quotes and badges working again, courtesy of @destroflyer .

Also you can now once more access the forum-specific part of your profile to find your topics, replies, favorites and subscriptions:

Other improvements on the horizon include:

  • Making the randomly generated avatars work again, so members without a custom avatar will still be somewhat identifiable by their site-assigned one.
  • Increasing the site width (this includes resizing some graphics and making sure it doesn’t break responsive elements and such, which is why it’s just a quick fix).
  • What else?
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Sites is really looking nice! I love the green sticker… if it wasn’t for that and my name, I wouldn’t remember who I was.

Might not be the place to mention this, but I noticed in the code blocks… < is not converted to & lt ; same for greater than. If you manually add them, they show up as the symbols again in the editor panel and if you save the changes they are treated as HTML tags and vanish. This is a problem when defining a List, etc. Not a major issue, obviously… but I was afraid I’d forget to mention it otherwise.

Yeh I saw you were having that issue, made a note of it. It’s a problem with bbPress’ tricksy HTML rendering. I think it’s already on their bug tracker, but I’ll follow up on it. Thanks for reporting.

You’ll also probably be happy to know that the notifications feature will be decoupled from BuddyPress in the future, so there’ll be less of that weird middle-man thing going on.

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