Site speed

does anyone else have the impression that the site & board got quite slow the last few weeks? is this related to an increased traffic or did something else happen?

Very very slow if you ask me, I could nearly get in and post in this subject…

Please do something about this :S

Yep, you are not alone. I'm looking into options (upgrading service (we currently share a box)), other services, etc. Most of it will depend on support money… so, start buying t-shirts when I get the store up. :wink:

Glad to hear it's not just me.  The site does seem to be crawling a bit lately.  Are you looking for more bandwidth or just a bigger/dedicated box?

Updated SMF, hopefully that will fix some of these issues. As you probably noticed, the default theme has changed, and a bit ugly.

it might be ugly, but i noticed you work on that right at this moment so i'm not concerned about that :smiley:

i'm rather concerned about what you did to the top logo XD

Yay, much faster now. :slight_smile:

Definitely a major performance increase. :slight_smile:

Whoa this is better! All by updating the forum software? Makes me wonder what horrible performance drains the old SMF version contained :smiley:

There were a few other things that I did before upgrading. Removing unneeded log files, optimizing database, etc. Could be any number/combination of those things that boosted the performance. Just glad that it's back up.

Hooray for optimisations!

Holy crap!  :-o  A few people buy some shirts and stickers and then the next day the world changes!  If all it took was to buy a few shirts to get you to upgrade I'd have done that long ago!  :smiley:

Site seems pretty dang snappy at the moment.  Good work Mojo.

Yeah!, any ideas about adding some community designed/voted/created products?

We should probably work on finding a more reasonably priced reseller so we can increase our markup and make more money…I mean, so we can charge less to the jME users that wish to buy stuff…