Site statistics - Comparing the past month to 2010

I checked in on our site statistics today, very happy to find that we had finally passed a magic number of 60’000. I’ll get back to that in a sec.

I decided to make a comparison of today’s website traffic statistics compared to last year. I made a snapshot of this year’s past 31 days and compared it to a snapshot of those same 31 days back in 2010. Do note that this meant comparing the old .com to the new .org, because our .org site has not been running for a whole year yet. It’s still a fair comparison because as most of you should remember this community site used to run on the .com domain. These are the results:

Going back to that magic number, we’ve finally peaked at 60’000 visits a month! On top of that it’s not long ago since we flew by 300’000 monthly pageviews either. When Alpha-4 is released it’s not gonna be a question of “will it peak”, but rather “by how much” :slight_smile:

Wow, I like the bounce rate best :smiley: Maybe after that peak we dare actually announcing that we have new server hardware? :wink:

nice progress 8)

some marginal question:

Who and how do you maintain and finance this servers?

@sbook is hosting our servers via his university, with the help of some of his own donated hardware.