Skeletal animation from imported 3D model (milkshake)


I had built a hand model in blender and that created animations using key frames and such with the bone.

I found a better hand model from milkshake and exported it to an object file.

I'm looking to control the animation using skeletal animations from within jme.

So far from digging around I have stumbled upon the joint controller class and the animation controller class.

I did find one link to an example of importing the model but that link seems to be broken.

I have also read about possible bugs with the controller class, but I'm not sure if this is true, or if this means the animations cannot be done.

I've just started looking at jme (previously was looking at java3D but this library seems to be more current) and am hoping for some pointers or possibly examples that import a 3D object file (or some other type) and than access the bone structure to create animations, either from key frames (which I have read about here) or some other method.

Thanks so much,


Hi there!

There is a test-Class under jmetest.effects that is called TestFireMilk (or TestMilkFire?). In this a Milkshape3D-Model is loaded and animated by using the JointController you mentioned. It's pretty simple to do.

F.e. you will see an enable/disable switch, a method to set the speed of the animations and one to set the animation-times. That's nearly all the magic.

I am not at my pc at which I program so I can't give you lines of codes now. But if you want to see some, I would post them later.