Sketchfab Spring Sale

Just noticed there’s a 50% off spring sale on sketchfab that’s running for another 3 days, so I thought I’d make a post here incase any other JME devs are interested in taking advantage. I’m not affiliated with sketchfab at all in any way, I’ve just been using the site for finding models for my game over the past few years and have been saving a lot of money by waiting for their 50% off holiday sales that they typically run once or twice a year.

I’ve had a few items in my cart for the past year that I’ve been waiting on a sale to buy. There unfortunately are a lot of models on there that are badly optimized or not suitable for games, so it can take a while to find anything good that’s worth spending money on.

But I’m about to get a few things for my game that I’m excited to implement:

I’m planning to recolor this claw enemy green to match the plagued theme of my game, and hopefully give it some cool spells / abilities with particle effects so it can spread plague goo around the area

This is a real nice jungle foilage pack that’s optimized all on one texture atlas (its always hard to come by a good PBR foilage pack thats optimized and also looks nice)

More optimized foilage

And I’m finally gonna get this animation pack to retarget these high quality humanoid animations onto the main characters in my game, since the basic walk / straife / jump /roll animations for my game’s playable character models has been one of the main things lacking in my game for a long time now.

Hopefully some other monkeys will find this info useful :slightly_smiling_face:


looks awesome

keep on hustlin brotha :facepunch:

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It’s a really cool site