SketchRenderPass with transparency

I have altered the SketchRenderPass class and the frag shader so that the SketchRenderPass can be used to mark edges like normal, but with the white pixels transparent so that a normal render can be seen as well (Note in this case a normal render would have to be drawn before this SketchRenderPass).

NOTE: the attachments' names have the word "over" in them… you can ommit them and replace the JME files, to test out the modification. also remove the ".txt" extension

test case or at least a screenshot would cool :slight_smile:

Sure thing… here is a screen shot of a randomly generated terrain with a snow texture and a red sphere (yellow bg)

I also attached the java source utilizing the edited ScketchRenderPass.

yeah that looks cool man, and thanks for humoring me :wink:

just getting back, I had to port it to jme2 :?, is your project a really old one :?, and I cant seem to get your test to work like the screenshot maybe I missed something could u explain how u make the white parts transparent a bit, maybe I can fix it from your explanation…I do see that the has a blendstatealphastate that is never completely setup and used though, is that the issue if so what are the settings

edit nevermind found the issue

Sorry about the test code… its rather messy…

I basicaly edited teh frag file. I set a condition that if the color (float col) is < 0.1    (I think it was), then to set the color black with alpha 1

else it sets the color to alpha 0.

NOTE: the last value in the vec4(…) vector is the alpha value.

I figured out my issues, thank anyway, I’m doing a shooter as a learning project and decided to go NPR for my visuals. I had already worked out a toon shader, but its bad on flat surfaces, but I think, thanks to your efforts my scenery worries are over…again thank you cheers