Skin bones animation?

I wonder how this is done in JME. So far I’ve been able to load a milkshape file with a skeleton animation. I add it to the rootnode, and the animation starts automatically. How do you select which animation to play and how can you start/stop it ?

What I also would like to do is control the joints individually.

Is this possible ?

So far there’s no “ragdoll” ability in jME to programicly move joints. To set what animations you want to do, you would set the start and stop times to the frames in the .ms3d file. Idealy, you’ld have one MS3D model that has run/jump/swim/ect animated in that one file and you would load the file then set the start/stop times to which animation in the file you want.

Allright, thanks.

Nobody has this feature, nobody ! I wonder why ?

Take a look at this topic - It doesn’t have ragdoll ability yet, but it will do at some point. It also supports easier choice of animations.

Is that the kind of thing you were looking for?

I need to be able to move individual limbs. If your system can do that, fine. I created something like this in Java3D and it worked pretty well.

Now I want to change API to some kind of Java game engine, like JMonkey or AgentfX.

Instead of porting my skeleton system to the new platform, I’d like to take advantage of the things allready there, like Milkshape loading etc.

  • I’ts allways better to go with standards like Milkshape instead of using you own homemade things.

    AND you get the benefit of the having alot of great authoring tools.

    But if can only play sequenses, I just can’t use it. Not saying it’s not a good engine ( I think it’s pretty cool really), it’s just that I need this particularly feature to get on with my project…

We don’t have what you are looking for, but I am working on an implementation of a SkinnedMesh for a project and may be able to bring that across to jME in the future.

OK AgentFX can do it…Check out their forum, I have a similar thread running there.

So AgentFX it is for now, gonna check in on JMonkey once in a while though, still think it rules and it will do even more so once it matures.

Cool, say hi to Kash for me while you’re there. :slight_smile: Take care.