Skin not rendered?

Created a model with hierarchy like this:

  + skin node
      + skins
  + bone1
      + bone2

The problem is that skin is not displayed. If I comment out two calls in the setup:

//skinNode.addBoneInfluence(index, v, ret, 1);


then all the components of the hierarchy -- skin and bones -- are visualized (but there is no longer any relation between skeleton and skin, of course).

To provide little more background, I have it working in JME1.0. The part1 and part2 meshes were TriangleBatches (which disappered in 2.0) -- this is why skin now has more than one child node. Any hint, or suggestion how to troubleshoot this kind of problem?

These 3 calls were missing:

        theBone.updateGeometricState(0, true);