Skullstone demo available on Steam!

Thanks. I have several reports of this issue. Will be fixed :wink:


One more question - are the characters on the party as you selected? Or is it a different team?

They are the correct ones I selected.

(I chose different characters on my second save-file after you mentioned about how the melee fighters needed to be on the front line)

Unless I’m missing something, I would love an easy way to turn torches on/off. Only way I found to do this is put it in inventory, which means when you need it you have to open inventory and move it back and forth.

So far pretty nice. One level 2 of the game.
Also, when I turn on vsync, I get tons of flickering all through out the game.

Can you show it on screenshot?

Would love too but the weird thing is when I used OBS to record it, it didn’t record any of it. Also, during the load screen, you have that bar at the bottom showing progress, OBS recording didn’t even capture that.

As you can see in the screen shot. no progress bar. That was the loading screen.

During the loading screen, it get flickering every second or more. When the games runs, I get flicker every so often when I move the cursor.

Check out this loading screen, under the load screen is the game.

Then the game loaded without walls. Cool. Some of the stuff where there, but for the most part no walls.

So, without vsync everything looks fine and there is no problem with walls?

That is what I did. It was the VSync for me. Without it, I’ve only come across one issue.

Start a game, play long enough for auto save to kick in. Quit, then start it again. Then click on “Continue” and you end up at the end of the game, which you can leave going up the shaft back to the city and end it quickly.

Go to see the town and how you have plans to continue with add on scenarios, it appears.

I’ll investigate that thing with ‘continue’. About the problem with vsync I have no idea, but if you tell me what graphics card do you have and which driver version do you use, I’ll try to reproduce it.

Is there a second key on level 2. I only found one and used it to open the gate to leave. but once you use a key you can’t use it again and you have the wood door that is locked. Or is the demo limited?

Good job, very addictive. Like the level increase from level 1 - 2, nice transition.
Can’t wait for the full game…

Its nice to see finished JME projects…


The second key is available in full version.

That is what I thought.

I like the game, read a bunch of comments on steam. Overall it left me wanted to play more.

Massive congratulations - it looks awesome! Reminds me of the many hours I spent playing Bloodwych on the Amiga. Ahh, happy times. :wink:

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looks great. Will you add Chinese support? :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I left that decision to the publisher.