Skullstone on Steam Greenlight


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Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Judging from what I’ve seen and followed the project on this forum. It is quite mature. And 2017 Q4 sounds reasonable, not too long wait and seems believable. Far exceeds early access and green light titles with just an initial idea and few weeks of coding… Which also rarely get finished.

Voted genuinely yes :slight_smile: And good luck!

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Voted. It would be a shame if one of the best looking jme games couldn’t make it to steam.

Also seriously consider linux/mac. You can get a couple people just for that and it’s very easy because java.

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Yes, we are thinking seriously about other platforms. First we need to release windows version, right after that we will start tests with mac/linux. Personally, I don’t know linux at all, was trying to learn it several times. I simply don’t like it :wink:
But my coworker from the company offered me help with this matter.

Voted - would love to see more JME games out there. Don’t forget your roots when you’re raking it in :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure, my roots… asking stupid questions here without reading anything about 3D ;D

Voted, I hope you guys get through while Greenlight still exists :smile:

As far as the number of votes goes, I think the staff decides to let a batch of games through every now and then but I’m not sure what the selection is based on. Probably the # on the list of the yes/no ratio I’d figure but it’s probably way off.

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Which is why I don’t use Steam. I’m putting all of my games (published my first one last week) on GameJolt. Only down side to that is it’ll get buried in low quality meme based games if I don’t advertise well enough. *end small rant *

Steam is expensive. At 30%, its a lot. BUT it is still THEE platform for a lot of people. We must remeber that for one of us, there are 1000 other people that don’t care about green light or $SERVICE, they want to get cheap games they like to play without fuss.

And right now no one else is giving steam a run for its money. Making steam, even after green light, probably worth the effort.

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Voted. Good luck on your greenlight campaign!

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From my experience jme games made on win run just fine on linux. Take Lightspeed Frontier for example: the rest of the team uses windows, while I’m on linux. No problems whatsoever.
Once you export a .jar it should run on linux just fine. I mean ok, there is some platform specific weird things (one I discovered is unability to use alt key for your game), but all you have to do then is make a .sh launcher file which probably only contains the good old “java -jar aCookieJar.jar -XmxBlahBlah -XmsBlahBlah” and so on.
I think the SDK even has an automated exporter.

If you decide to take this route and encounter problems you can pm me if you want, I’d be glad to try helping :wink:

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Jep. The sdk even downloads the jre you might need if you want to be distro agnostic.

I also have made some gradle tasks. Essentially i think that gradle already generates some launcher scripts, you just need to add a bundled jre fallback.

In all my deployments i don’t use a bundled jre as the fallback. But as the only jre to use. That way you know the version and you keep everything in your control. There is no requirement users have any idea or need to care if you use java.

The only issue is with bullet native, you must ensure you have a working build.
In addition to this if you use glsl >130 and you want to support open drivers, you’ll need to use a core profile because mesa’s compatibility profile is stuck at 130. This means you’ll have to check your shaders and eventually replace deprecated functions.

This because alt is the default hotkey for windows drag.
Did you guys have any issue with fullscreen mode in ubuntu?

Well I had an issue with fullscreen in Ubuntu with the default jme launcher since it detected non-existent refresh rates and didn’t allow me to select actually existent ones. This led to a crash as soon as I confirmed the launcher settings.

We fixed the issue by dumping the default jme launcher and made our own (which only allows 30 and 60 Hz refresh rate).

Now it works as it should.

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How did you get then the possible resolutions? What exactly if needs 50Hz? I have the same issues with linux and currently just set it hard coded. I could not make full screen working, so I currently dont use that…

I’m not using bullet in Skullstone.

That’s why it will need more tests. My shaders are complex.

@dancso is the person to ask all of this, since he made our new launcher.

I’ve experimented a bit and i’ve found two ways

With AWT apis

GraphicsDevice gd = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice();
int w=gd.getDisplayMode().getWidth();
int h=gd.getDisplayMode().getHeight();
int f=gd.getDisplayMode().getRefreshRate();

With LWJGL (needs the lwjgl native library loaded)

DisplayMode[] modes=Display.getAvailableDisplayModes();
for(DisplayMode dm:modes){
    int w=dm.getWidth();
    int h=dm.getHeight();
    int f=dm.getFrequency();
    boolean fullscreen=dm.isFullscreenCapable();
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