Skullstone trailer (draft version)

Hi, I proudly introduce you the draft version of our trailer. Please share your suggestions and criticism.
Not all gameplay scenes are ready, there are few placeholder frames in cinematic at the beginning, but you should see the whole idea.


Looking very polished already! I’m really liking the enemies - that big dude with the red eyes looks really well done. Kudos!

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This looks great… the visual quality you’ve achieved (especially the walls/floors) is quite impressive.


Completely agree. I was struck by the environment quality, sound and lighting. Love the feel that you’ve achieved here.

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The actual sound was made at postprocessing and the music was composed especially for the trailer. Cinematic story will be extended for intro video purpose. All gameplay scenes are taken directly from the game, we didn’t increase their quality in any way.

very nice.
What’s with the white cross appearing occasionally?

White X marks those scenes which are going to be replaced or reworked.

This game remembers me to the Might and Magic series. M&M VI is one of my favorite games ever.

Good work! :+1:

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Yes, I know M&M series, those with 3D graphics as well as the first ones with grid-based maps. But the true inspiration for Skullstone was Dungeon Master, you should try it.