Sky Islands (Just a little camera path to test an asset)

Hey guys, :slight_smile:
yesterday, I created a little demo to test some assets - Nothing fancy, a few models, fog and a camera path.


Unfortunately, YouTube kinda destroys the smooth motion with its low bitrate or something… You can download the video in high quality here:
(It’s worth a look in comparison to the YT-version^^)

Just thought, I’d share it with you guys. I don’t plan to work on it any further, just wanted to see how the model looks with a bit of fog.

destro :slight_smile:

EDIT: You can find the scene I used on blendswap:


I like it. The fog surely adds to the scene.
Is this a predefined scene where all points of the path and models was defined before run time
or did you make an infinite generation of these as the player moves?

It really looks very good!

The positions of the islands are generated randomly and the camera path is calculated at runtime. Passed islands are removed from the scene, there is a maximum of 6 islands visible currently - The “scene” is therefore infinite.
The only thing predefined is the model - I even select the trees and rocks on each island randomly. :slight_smile:

That is really cool.
We must see more of these things on the jME forum.
I love it when people experiment with features of jMe.