Sky with starts or other elements not fixed


I have my game with a SpaceShip (seen from third-person camera “NodeCamera”).

It continuously go and go…streight.

I would like to have a starred sky.

It’s ok, i can have it with a SkyFactory.createSky() passing a sky image

The problem is:

The sky image is fixed.

i’d like that in the sky thera are many stars and as my ship moves, the stars moves back.

Like as you are moving in the space.

How can i do that?

Thank you



I’d say that you have particles that you emit from a distance. You might have to ensure that they’re not depth culled or anything like that, so using a sky bucket might work, but because that removes depth, maybe not.

Remember stars are not all white, they range from blue to yellow to white to red! They also are different sizes.

@giannign1 , if you have a look at any space game you will see that stars are attached to skybox. So, i would recommend you to use the same method.

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