Skybox and skydome showing seams


When I use a simple gradient texture or a circular gradient texture for my skybox or skydome, the seams show brightly. Is there anyway to fix this in code or is it an issue with my texture? If it’s my texture, can someone show me a sample of a simple gradient texture that doesn’t show seams?



Thoughts would be appreciated. thanks

Your texture is for spheremap. You should set your skybox to spheremaping.

I do not remember exactly but something like:


Something like that…

It seem SphereMapping is broken. I have the same problem as @rsdl .

My code:


TextureKey skyhi = new TextureKey(“Textures/skyboxes/skybox_01.png”, true);



Texture texhi = assetManager.loadTexture(skyhi);

Geometry sp = (Geometry) SkyFactory.createSky(assetManager, texhi, true);



My Texture:

I think something is with Optics.glsl.

@nehon can you have a look at this?

AAAAHHHHHH! Now I understand. It seems SphereMapping method works like SkyDome Mapping. Now it’s understood.

Here is described this method: oZone3D.Net Tutorials - The Art of Texturing Using The OpenGL Shading Language

And a textures should be like this one:

@nehon , sorry for bothering.

you’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue: