Skybox not showing

Hi all,

hopefully a quick problem to fix and I'm just showing my ignorance.

I need to get a skybox to move with the camera so that the camera is always centred in the skybox. So I've created a Node to control translation, then to this I've attached a CameraNode that holds the camera. Then I've attached my Skybox to the translation Node.

When it runs everything is fine, except for the skybox isn't showing, just a black background. Other objects in the scene show in the camera as expected.

The World Translations for the camera and skybox show as 0,0,0.

If I attach the Skybox to the root node instead everything shows up fine.

Any ideas greatfully received.

I can post code if it will help but I'll have to go liberate a memory stick first.

Well, the cameranode isn't normally rendered I think - so anything attached to it wouldn't be either.  The way I do it is to put code in the update() method of your game or gamestate in order to change the skybox position with the camera

Ah ha, simple rework of the node tree fixed it. Many thanks for pointing the way