SkyBox performance


I'm just wondering about the big performance impact of my SkyBox. With skybox, the game runs at 40-60fps, without at 80-120fps (really). OK, the images are quite big, and I did not compress them, but that difference? The skybox is attached as child of my cameraNode, so I don't have to adjust it "manually", could this be the reason?. Any suggestions what I should try to get my fps up?


I found that this is a general fill rate issue. When you add a background or a sky box or anything else that fills the screen, the hardware has to draw and calculate each pixel, and the performance drops. Adding any object that fills the view either in the foreground, or the background will do the same.

You can check this by disabling your sky box, and then zooming in on an object till it fills the screen. I found that the frame rate zoomed right in was the same as zoomed out with a sky box.