Skybox textures problem [Solved]

I am trying to create a skybox. I started off re-using the code from MonkeyMahhjong. Initially I got the path to the textures wrong, so I got error messages about that and the default textures loaded. Now however it seems I get the default textures even with the correct paths to the texture files.

I am using the same graphics files with all the same  command arguments as MonkeyMahhjong. I get no error nor warning messages from TextureManager.loadTexture (nor any other part of the code for that matter). I also commented out a logging line inside loadTexture to make sure that I am not receiving cached textures… this line does not get executed, so it appears the textures are not cached.

Any ideas about what I might be overlooking?

Edit: I guess the reusing texture part is not exactly what I imagined initially… It is resuse of texture within the same gameprocess right? But I am still at a loss as to what may cause my problem

Did you try to simply get the URL first, to see if the texture is really found. And in a 2nd step passing the url to the loadTexture() method ?

Well, I don't know if this will help, but I have had some trouble of missing resources (textures, models, etc), and I have found that sometimes it is just that I forgot to put them in the right place… say having them in the src directory but not on the bin directory or on the project home…

  The classpath in Eclipse is set funny sometimes at runtime, and you might have to use relative paths to your resources and copy them to src, bin and home to see which one works.

For instance, you could tell us what are the exact names you are sending to this method (the strings)

i don't know really, it should work i guess.

In your projects properties -> Java Build Path -> Source , is your source folder set to "C:/My Workspace/RiseToTheStars/src"?

Did you do a gsGameGalaxy.getRootNode().updateRenderState() after adding the SkyBox ?

Thank you, Core-Dump… it was the render state. I have seen this solution in some other threads also, but I never thought that the same rules apply to me :slight_smile:

Little things like this make me worried… It is one thing following the tutorial and achieving similar goals. It is quite different if you try to implement the methods in different ways. If you do not understand the whole structure… the main idea behind it all… well… its just gonna be tough. I can only hope that in the long run I will 'get' all main points and can actually improvise when writing code… sigh.

Thanks again.