Hi colleagues, this is my jMonkeyEngine project for Android. Thank you for your feedback.


Cool, congrats! :slight_smile: Moved this to the right forum.

Hey, good job!

Sometimes the dice simply refuses to turn properly, even the arrows lighting up.=\

Cool! If I had an android, I’d be all over it. I like the concept, for sure. My kind of game.

Thank very much guys, it´s very inspiring your answers.

About the dice, it can be rotated in a certain direction, if the last shape attached to a side can reach the desired position before the new incoming shape get to that position. That way you don´t crushes the new incoming shapes when you rotate the dice, and they can attach after the last shape of a side.
However, I will check this over and over again, to see of I missed something in the “ray tracing” behaviour of the dice :slight_smile: