Skydome problem with sun position


i have a problem with the describted in the wiki:

first of all there is a compile error: atan2 needs two arguments

solarAzimuth = FastMath.atan2(opp / adj);

i fix this with

solarAzimuth = FastMath.atan(opp / adj);

I run the TestSkydome class, and everything seems ok (sun position and sky texture fits and i have a lens flare)

When i walk in the scene the skydome is following me, but the position of the sun in the scene not.(key b shows the bounding spheres, the best way to see the position)
The animation of the suns position goes on, but the position is not on the Skydome-Sphere. The sun leaves the dome or is in the middle of it if i approach or walk away.

So the sun position does not follow me, i don't understand why . . .

the scenegraph from the example is like this:

                L---> dome
                                  L---> flare
                                  L---> sunbox

in method simpleUpdate from TestSkydome class the position is changed when the camera moves.
In update method of Skydome class the position is been set:

dome.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(cameraPos.x, 0.0f, cameraPos.z));

I don't understand why the sun is not set relative to dome/skydome position. I have just copy and paste the code from the wiki, is that like it should be ?  :? :?

What can i do to change this ?