SkyFactory and Terragen2 --Solved


I try to create my own sky for my game.

For what I have seen, the SkyFactory need to have a sphere map or a cube map in input.

I’ve seen in the wiki that we can use tool like terrragen to create those maps.

The problem is … how?

I downloaded terragen ( and terragen2 ) and I’ve gone through the first tutorial.

This tool seems great but I can’t figure how to export the data into a shere/cube map in dds format.

For now, the only thing I want to do is converting one my png image file into a sphere/cube map and use it in my game.

Is Terragen the correct tool for doing something like this?

Or is the use of gimp enough ?

Thanks in advance

I never used Terragen, so i can’t help you on that, but here is a tutorial on how to create cubemaps with photoshop, or ATI cubeMapGen free software

maybe that can help


i was also looking for something like this. :slight_smile:

though, i wanna hand paint most of the images. Terragen is too good for game environment.

That’s exactly what I needed!

Thanks a lot !