SkyFactory: CubeMap texture must contain 6 data units


I’m new to cube map and tried creating 1. I used terragen to create 6 faces for my cubemap (north, east, west, south, up, down). Then I assemble them in 1 .jpg file, like a lying letter “T”. Then I tried loading it but i receive warnings

WARNING: Invalid texture: TextureCubeMap[name=Textures/sky.jpg, img=720x540-BGR8]
Cubemap textures must contain 6 data units.

How do you guys make cubeMaps?? Do I missed something or its just my texture that is invalid from the start.

Thank you

Use (despite the name it works on nvidia too)

it allows you to generate a cubemap dds wich you then can sue as intended. (Also it gerenates you seamless mipmap transitions wich prevent the ffect visible in some games where you can see a small seam between the tiles if you look closely)

(As a side not it seems to have problems with large Textures(1024^2 per side) and just crashes then I’m not sure if this is specific to me or a general problem, just that you know )

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ok thanks, i’ll give it a try…