Skyrim loader

I have put new version of code in same location. You will need to download hkxcmd.exe from
and put it somewhere on the disk and then run NifTest with two parameters - Skyrim installation dir and path to hkxcmd.exe file. This is unfortunately needed to convert Havoc files to kf format. At this moment it is done on each startup of NifTest - in future, might be cached and done only as needed.

Dragon animations should be working properly. Giant animations are nightmarish - bones got completely confused, will have to look into that. There is also basic support for decal textures, but they still don’t look really right.

Edit: Found and fixed giant animation problem. Some bones had no translation keyframes at all - instead of copying the default bone position I was defaulting to zero vector in such case.

Done some updates in meantime:

Better handling of BSA files with embedded filenames to support both Skyrim and Oblivion.


  • support for palettes
  • support for view-angle alpha falloff
  • fixed decal z-buffer fighting
  • specular matching Skyrim engine
  • env reflection use normal maps
  • proper alpha blending for non-standard modes
  • added parallax support
  • emissive color support
  • fixed tangent/binormal mixup


  • added specialized Oblivion shader
  • handle parallax in diffuse-map-alpha mode
  • binary tangent/binormal supprt

I’d say it’s got some potential. Sorry to sorta necro this thread, but it was a big find. Thank you so much for making this!

I’ve been occasionally working on a decoder for Morrowind’s .esm/esp/ess formats. I had to break a few things to make it reverse-compatible, and that’s resulted in some visual bugs. But 98% of the time, it’s amazing.
I recently had to write my own version of the .bsa loader since the Morrowind-era format is different.
I’m just now interpreting the lighting for the scenes. Still have to account for ambient light in interiors.