Slashdot: Stanford 'Intro To AI' Course Offered Free Online

From time to time there are some good discussions about artificial intelligence going on in this forum. As a game mechanic I would argue that AI has not seen as much innovation and progress as its counterparts, such as graphics, art assets & story.

Here’s a chance for for some of you aspiring AI programmers to learn from the best:

I can’t tell if any of it will be geared towards games specifically, but I would imagine a lot of valuable knowledge can still be attained from these online lectures. Stanford ain’t playing around though, so be prepared to set aside a couple hours a day if you intend to get the actual certificate.


Thanks for sharing this info. :slight_smile:

Good find, thanks.

Nooooooooo! There are so much time in a day! :frowning: You’re cruel @erlend_sh to have posted this link.

Must. Follow. This. Course. Now. Can’t. Resist.


yeh dam look interesting, but I just don’t have the time to watch it right now, maybe later