Slight change of plans - a better offer

Hello All,

Just thought I should introduce myself… I'm the guy from the e-mail

Do we get to hear the name of this organization?

I had a nice skype-conversation with the department head, and what they are offering is most outstanding. Shortly put, this is a unique opportunity for extended networking and a strong apparatus around jME.

There are some remaining issues to sort out with the Lunarpages web account still. My goal is to have finished the migration by the end of this week.

It is a University, closely related to the kind of technology that is being fostered here. Now that I have talked the dep. head and he has confirmed the move already, I suppose it’s okay to make our new benefactor public :slight_smile:

We will be hosted by the New York University’s Polytechnic Institute, in relation with their Brooklyn eXperimental Media Center, who are utilizing the jMonkeyEngine in several projects and for varying purposes.

The first link is not working. I hope only the URL is wrong and the website of the institute is working. ^^

EDIT: Ah… you yust have to add the missing www =>

WHAT POLYTECH!!! -- I was suppose to go their this year for freshmen year of college but ended up going to NYIT instead and was planning to go next year but to the one in Brooklyn on Jay Street for Computer hardware engineer  :? :? :? :expressionless: :’( --

maybe i could drop by one day though i don’t know where the BXMC is and what ever project their doing their probably somewhat ahead of me already since i’ve been messing around with the engine more than focusing on my app lately lol.

This is the one in Brooklyn on Jay Street :)  We've recently (last year) merged with NYU…

I'm here 5 days a week during the summer (and most of the school year lol)  it's a pain in the fruitcage to sign visitors in, but you'd be welcome to come have a look…  There's a lot of excitement floating around BxmC (a.k.a: digital media department) regarding jME

Interesting…for once something interesting in graphics is happening in my area too heh (I'm only 70 miles from the city).

Sorry, love… do you have the time?

Damn! I have a date with the Commisioner at seven aye-am.  Damn.  

Got another stroke of the clock for me or at least another  shot of synth?


Tell him I'll be there when the monkey shines.

In order to stay out of the way for the upcoming week long contest run by ttrocha, we will be holding off the move until the contest is over, meaning the move will happen some time around 11th July. By this time you should make sure you’re not keeping anything stored on the site that you’d hate to loose (e.g. uploaded attachments).

Although we don’t really expect there to be any loss of contents (besides maybe attachments) you never know. Remember now, fair warning has been given!

erlend_sh said:

Although we don't really expect there to be any loss of contents (besides maybe attachments) you never know. Remember now, fair warning has been given!

Just so everyone has some piece of mind, we've been testing and retesting different parts of the site this week to make sure things go smoothly..  The heart of the jME community (this forum) is the least of the transition headaches. It restores just about flawlessly:)

But to reiterate Erlend:  life isn't fair and **** happens, take care to backup anything important... which i assume we're all very disciplined about anyway