Slight Problem

I seem to have a hard time running the game in general, it will open up the main menu and everything. but as soon as the actual game part is supposed to come up it auto closes and the process still runs in the background. i have bought the game so its not just a demo issue. i just want to play this game on my computer instead of only being able to play it at my friends house on his computer. my computer can run minecraft and similar games so its not an issue of memory(4 gigs of ram) or processor(dual core at 1.87ghz X 2) i mean im nothing fancy but i can at least play things… just hoping for some help here

It would be helpful to see the stack trace coming out of the game, try turning on your Java console and seeing what errors come out…

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I think the game can’t run on a duel processor… I had them same problem but when I downloaded it on my desktop (has a i7 processor) it works fine I think it doesn’t run 3 or 4 year old computers with old processor and ask your friend what processor he has.

And where did you buy it from desura or bit micro orders?

Have you tried the demo? Did you buy on desura or the site? I do not know if it needs a certain processor speed to run.

The game can run on a multi-core processor, like my own. The problem is usually due to an anti-alias setting (which should be fixed in the version just released), or advanced graphics being enabled.

The demo wouldnt run either actually and i got it from bit micro

Have you tried running the latest demo, v2.3.3b?

i will try that

err wait, i was having this problem on friday. is this a different version than what i would have played on friday?

when i get home tonight i will try the new version. and here are the specs on the computer i actually can play on 2.3ghz X 2, ram 3 gig,not sure on video memory

IT RUNS NOW on 2.3.3 IM SO HAPPY! great game btw. keeps me more entertained than minecraft since i have fail internet(satellite) so i cant ever really play online without lag. great game keep it up, id buy it twice!

Great, very glad to hear!