Slogan Poll

Now that we have a few suggestions for the new slogan, I think it's time to start voting. Let's see what the top choice is so far.

How about the JME, The King Kong of 3d

how about "I cant wait to eat that monkey" -Grandpa Simpson

How about "we stick to the poll results"  :smiley: kidding!

Choice #1 and #5 are sort of the same thing IMO…

True, but #5 is a bit to long winded - despite its popularity.

Let's knock the bottom couple off and do another vote, etc. (rather than just grabbing the top from the first poll)

i like the two long ones as well, but i do think they are too long…and that always sucks when creating logos, tshirts, websites or whatever

How about: "Best. Monkey. Ever."


Ok, I'll let the poll run for a few more hours to get any late votes. Right now, it's pretty apparent that it's between two. I'll recreate the poll with the two winners (or a third if something comes along and closes in on the other two). Once the most popular of those are chosen we can try to clean it up some (if it is too long, for example).

So we vote for something to change it afterwards :?

Not to change… to improve or edit… but not change… change is such a strong word!  :smiley:

Ok, poll is reset with top two popular phrases.

Sorry, I didn't mean that we'll vote for one then completely change it. But make any minor adjustments that might make it flow better.

I still like "Best. Monkey. Ever."

But I voted for the clear winner of the two: Serious Monkey.

So, is it "serious"?  :smiley: (over)

Looks like it. I did like the "Monkey see" one, but I agree that its too long.

I'll give this poll until the end of the day and then lock it. Get your votes in now.

Ah well, I was a fan (no surprise) of the "Monkey See" slogan but both are good.  I always thought the logo/art potential for that one was a bit higher though  :wink:

Thanks for the votes, guys.

Looks like Serious takes it.

One thing that attracted me to that saying (although it was my first vote :wink: ) is that it plays on the comments that people sometimes make about the name of the engine being "silly". I think it will work well for us.

Amen.  Looking forward to the redesign!