Slow build/compile time

Hey all, first post… so please excuse my numptiness

Been using the sdk with no problems for a month or so and really enjoying. However today i have run a file within my project and the build time seems to take for ever. it used to do it in seconds but now, even when i create a brand new project and run the example - that takes around 55 second to compile and run. It works fine when it runs, but its just unbearable… oh and computer pretty much slows down or freezes.

I don’t seem to get any errors in the output window and the log folder files don’t really resemble anything that i can see as an error (but then again i cant be sure).

I have reset my graphics driver, have uninstalled that whole SDK and java, then reinstalled it all fresh.

I’m slightly out of my depth with this chaps and any help would be much appreciated.

Again sorry for the lack of info provided, not sure what is needed.


I7 - 870
AMD 7970
Win 7 64 bit

Watch the build, what step is taking all the time?

sorry for dumb question but how do you watch the build? I’ve search to see if you can view the build as it going only but cant find it -

on the same related matter i think i may have a java related error - which is causing the error

when i click on the java icon within the tools\options i get this error. Any ideas? sorry again if this sound like a douchbag of a question - just a little confused with why its now started to do this…

There should be a log thing at the bottom of the SDK that shows the build as it progresses, in the Output tab.

The first line will probably start with ant -f.