Slow Compile Time and Keyboard Lag

I’m working on a reliable computer… but JMonkey is very slow. There is keyboard lag when I type code, and compiling even the simplest projects (especially) on the android take an obscene amount of time (about 5 minutes to compile a java file of 3 geometric cubes for an Android device).

Eclipse runs fine on my computer (so does every other program including resource intensive ones like Adobe Premiere and Photoshop), so I don’t think it’s my processor or the like.

Anybody run into this problem ever, and/or have any solutions? I’ll never get any work done with compile times like these.

Based on the systems specs and OS provided, this seems really bad but based on the system specs and OS provided it might be normal. :wink:

My bad…

Windows Vista 32-bit, Intel dual-core 2.00 GHz, 3 GB RAM.

I’m at 12 GB out of 130 GB hard drive space left… but everything else runs fine so I’m not sure if this is affecting JMonkey.

The android side takes a while, 5 minutes is a bit excessive, but considering you have “keyboard lag”, then I guess it makes sense

What version of Java do you use to run the sdk?

I get the same thing and it’s unbearable for anything more than the most simple tasks. I can use Eclipse (as well as Netbeans) just fine. Keyboard lag is annoying and is usually up to several key presses behind but the worst is running a program or even using the OpenGL window. A good percentage of the example projects run in single digit fps and yet when I import everything into Eclipse it is upwards of 1500+ fps and without any of the keyboard lag. I’ve tore the options apart in the jMonkeyEngine SDK trying to find a solution but there just doesn’t appear to be one. I would love to be able to use it as a development environment but I just can’t when Eclipse, as well as Netbeans, perform much better.

System specs are:
Windows Vista 64
Intel Core2 Quad Q9300
8GB ram
AMD Radeon 7850