Slow Dust Particles


I´m looking for a dust particles solution, not puff dust but dust with in a room. The problem with particle emitters is that it emitts the particles at a single point, but I want the dust there when the scene is loaded distributed in the whole room.

Is there a solution within jme or do have to do it my own? One old link I found in this forum migth be a solution Point class - #6 by middy but not sure.

any help / hint is welcome

I used to get the result you’re looking for by setting an emitter to world space and then move it around an area (in your case, the room) randomly while it emits particles.

Otherwise I think you’d need a custom solution.

Try with ParticleEmitter.setShape()
I’m using it to emit smoke particles from dying monsters.

One of the JME tests creates a whole cube of smoke particles. You might look at that, too.

Hey, thanks a lot for all your suggestions! I’ll try them all and see what fits best :slight_smile: