Slow response time in action listener

I was testing some platforming when I noticed there was about a 1/5 of second delay from when I pressed my key until my player moved. It’s important to note this delay doesn’t happen when I use the analog listener only the action listener.

I’m using a setup similar to the hello collision tutorial. I have boolean tracker for each player movement. The boolean is set using isPressed.

for (Key key : keys){
if (binding.equals({
key.triggered = isPressed;

I never noticed this up until now. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me ?

Just you. Something about something we can’t see. (Though even the code you posted looks strange.)

I did some tracking and I found the time average time between the key press and the boolean update was about 1 millisecond. There is no delay in the analog because no force is applied to the character control. The analog only moves the camera.

The problem seems to be coming from the better character control. When I set the direction there is a delay before the force is applied.