Small bug in BetterCharacterControl jump

I am developing a Voxel Game like Minecraft (I mean, Minecraft is like my Voxel Game). The problem seems to be quite simple: I have created the Player (Flycam, BetterCharacterControl, simpleUpdate, etc …) when the player is fully leaning on a block and will jump, which seems to be the friction not let him jump, similar situation happens when I jump off a cliff and lean into the wall during the fall (he “glue” on the wall), someone give me a hand! (No, I can not reduce the friction of the ground or the player for obvious reasons).

Let’s say you had a jet pack strapped to your back that fired every time you pressed the button. Now let’s say you jump off a cliff and fire this jetpack towards the wall. I’m going to guess that you would stick there.

Either you need to make the jetpack not fire when your feet aren’t touching the ground or you will otherwise have to deal with all of the fake physics you’ve employed and figure out in which scenarios you want to turn the fakeness off and which you want to leave it on.

I know that you are the creator of Mythruna, and if you used the BetterCharacterControl in creating the player (likely well) certainly experienced it, how you solved?

I don’t use bullet. I don’t use any of JME’s character controls.

In my case (the old engine), I figure out how to repel the player based on the normal of the collision… so since there is no ‘up’ in the collision then there is no ‘up’ in the repulsion and so there is no counteracting falling.

In the new engine (which uses my own more real physics engine), I had exactly this problem so I turned off friction in that direction. I still miss some features because in the old engine I could let players climb certain materials depending on their race/skills… and I can’t do that right now in the new engine.

A trick that works and is easy to implement is what pspeed just said (you can see more help, here, in the third piece of code it is made like that):