Small comfort issue

Would be nice if someone added the forum path (eg. 'jMonkey Engine > jME - Help > Networking') also to the bottom of the page when reading a thread, in addition to the top.

Currently it is both at top and bottom when looking at a particular forum. However when you are reading a thread, it is displayed only at the top. However when one finishes reading a thread, one usually wants to go back either to the main thread listing of the particular forum, or just as frequently, the forum grouping above that. Currently this requires scrolling up the page.

Small issue as I said, but… If you do not mind :slight_smile:

it's an smf default theme - maybe you can post over at smf to get this done

I talked to people on the SMF forum, requesting for this feature. This is the thread:

According to them, the feature is already present in the current version we have installed here on jME forums, and must only be enabled. Here is the reply:

are you using 1.1.4 because I'm looking at mine now and the link is top and bottom when you are inside a thread

Admin CP > Themes and Layout > Themes and Settings > (your theme) > Check "Enable Inline Links" and save

So... pretty please? 

oh, fine. Let's hope it does not have unwanted effects (description reads: "Enabling this will cause your current location to be drawn in a single line, as opposed to in a tree-like manner."). I have enabled it and it seems it works.

@Mark: hope that's ok - no unwanted effects visible to me

Cool, thanks :slight_smile: