Small typo in java doc for FastMath.atan()

This didn’t deserve its own thread, but I’m not sure where else to post it. Heres a direct link to the javadoc for easy viewing:

public static float atan(float fValue)
Returns the arc tangent of an angle given in radians.
fValue - The angle, in radians.
fValue's asin
See Also:

Should be:
fValue's asin atan

Its nothing big, just something i spotted :P

Just to ‘close’ this up, that’s been fixed at some point since this post

yeh normen did it, and jewed the credit :frowning:

Lol, what is it with you @wezrule blaming everything on me? xD

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blaming Kirill is more fun anyway :smiley:

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Normen can’t jew the credit, he’s german. Only I can jew the credit cause I am jew :slight_smile:

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sorry @normen, i guess i made a mistake here :slight_smile: