SmartFoxServer game server


Just in case you were not aware of this, it provides game server with Embedded Java 8 runtime. Free version allows 100 concurrent users and provides 100% of the features.


Last time I tried it, I got lost fairly fast :confused: . Did you or anyone had the chance to try it? Can you make us some feedback? :smiley:

I have not tested it yet. Will test it when my game network base is ready.

SFS has many features, most of which end up never used in most games, leaving bloat and overhead in the server code which can get costly when it comes to scaling for high concurrent users. In our development, we started with SFS, but ultimately developed our own networking that was a better fit for our game.

Get your feet wet with SFS, as it will teach you how to structure your data, but be prepared to replace it if you are planning on growth.

It’s greatest strengths are for browser games where the BlueBox html fallback can help clients that have socket connection issues.

I’ve never personally had to deal with SFS. I’m just echoing the experience the surrounding team had encountered.